Matric in Arts

What Is Matric In Art?

Matric Full form is Matriculation. This Term is mostly used in Pakistan education After the 8th Class Examination. Matric Education is the beginning step in every student’s life towards higher-level education. Matric in Arts is the study of Arts for those students in future they want to pursue non-medical, engineering, and the field of Information technology. This Course is different from the matric science group. After matriculation studies, students can choose different types of arts fields some are as follows:

Matric Arts Subjects (PART-I AND PART-II)

Compulsory Subjects

  • General Mathematics.
  • General Science.

Elective Subjects

Students can opt for any one of the following combinations
  • Education, Computer
  • Education, Islamiyat
  • Education, Home Economics
  • Education, Fine Arts


The duration of Matric in arts is two years. The Boards of Intermediate and secondary education(BISE) conducts Matric Exams separately as a Part 1 in 9th and Part 2 in 10th separately.

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